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Arai Helmets product care, and sizing information

Arai Helmets Logo

Arai Helmets are the world’s leading manufacturer Kart helmets, as well as Motorbikes and Car racing.

It is this meticulous attention to safety, quality and superior performance that differentiates Arai from other helmet manufacturers and why, as a consequence, more Formula 1 drivers choose Arai ahead of any other brand of helmet.


What is the best way to clean the non-removable lining of my helmet?

To help keep the interior of your helmet in good condition never put your helmet away wet. Leave the visor open to allow air to circulate.
It is also a good idea not to keep sweaty or smelly gloves or a balaclava inside the helmet as this can make the lining smell and it may become mouldy.

You can wash the non-removable inner lining with warm water and a mild hair shampoo. To dry either hang/place in a warm place or use a hair dryer on a very cool setting. It is important the helmet does not get too warm when drying as this could effect the EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) lining.


How do I find the Homologation standard and when does this expire?

The homologation labels can be found inside the crown of the helmet, sometimes just behind the lining. For the current homologation standard you require please consult your MSA ‘blue book’.


Sizing Information

Arai Helmets - CK-6A better fitting and more comfortable helmet is a better performing helmet. It helps keep you alert, better focused and therefore a better driver. To achieve a perfect fit, different sized outer shells and different size and shaped inner shells are needed. Arai offers a wide choice of sizes, complete with replaceable cheek pads for a more customized fit. There are so many fit options that a perfect helmet fit should be achievable for most drivers.

Your Arai helmet will only perform at its best when you wear the right size. Therefore, Arai strongly urges you to try on the Arai model and size helmet that you are considering buying. The evolution of design technology, the changes in FIA and Snell requirements along with Arai’s own changes and product advancements over the years can result in a different feeling of the current version of the model and size you’ve always worn.

Measuring your head
Start with measuring your head to get an idea of the size to look for: measure (in cm) the circumference across the forehead, above the eyes and ears and over the small bump at the back of the head, read the size where the tape joins.

Fit the measured size. Focus on your head size (crown fit) measurement first, e.g. the area contacted by a baseball caps’ band. Do not be concerned with facial fit at this stage. When you the helmet is tight on your cheeks or jaws, do not conclude that it is too small and reach for a bigger size. The helmet must fit your head first!

Remove the cheek pads and try on helmet sizes until you get that snug crown fit. For the most comfort the interior must fit snugly all around the crown of your head. You should feel some pressure at all the contact points around the interior perimeter, that too much pressure could become uncomfortable in the future.

Finally, Arai’s optional cheek pad thicknesses, can fine-tune your personal fit. All Arai cheek pads can be replaced with a size that better suits your facial structure. However, this fit should be addressed only when the crown size is correct.


Currently Arai make two models for the karting market, a senior helmet called the Arai SK-6, and a junior helmets, build to the CMR specifications which is called the Arai CK-6