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Karting in the winter….are we mad!

Winter is here and with it comes the rain, snow, and cold temperatures. But just because the weather is less than ideal, it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy go-karting. In fact, go-karting in the rain can be even more exciting than on a sunny day! But how do you stay dry while racing around the track?

Here are a few tips to help you stay dry and have fun while go-karting in the UK during the winter…..

Arai Helmets product care, and sizing information

Arai Helmets Logo

Arai Helmets are the world’s leading manufacturer Kart helmets, as well as Motorbikes and Car racing. It is this meticulous attention to safety, quality and superior performance that differentiates Arai from other helmet manufacturers and why, as a consequence, more Formula 1 drivers choose Arai ahead of any other brand of helmet. PRODUCT CARE FOR […]

Size Guides

Please Note: The page you requested has moved, and is not available anymore. We used to display size charts as separate pages for the products on our website, but we have now incorporated them into the product pages when required. Look out for the “Click for Size Guide”, buttons on the product pages, for all […]

MSA Kart Helmet Regulations – 2014

10.1. Crash helmets bearing an MSA approval sticker must be worn at all times during training, practice and competition. The user must ensure that the helmet is to a standard currently specified (10.3.1), that it fits properly, is secured properly and that it is in a subject to other criteria being met. (a) INTERNATIONAL EVENTS […]