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Karting in the winter….are we mad!

Winter is here and with it comes the rain, snow, and cold temperatures. But just because the weather is less than ideal, it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy go-karting. In fact, go-karting in the rain can be even more exciting than on a sunny day! But how do you stay dry while racing around the track?

Here are a few tips to help you stay dry and have fun while go-karting in the UK during the winter:

  • Wear the right gear: Make sure you wear waterproof clothing and shoes. A good rainsuit such as the Arroxx X Pro rainsuit ( or the Sparco T-1 Evo wetsuit ( will keep you dry. Additionally waterproof boots such as the Sparco K-Pole WP waterproof boots ( or the Sparco Rain boots ( will keep your feet warm and dry while challenging yourself in the slippery conditions on track!
  • Invest in a good rain visor: A rain visor for your helmet will help keep the rain out of your ‘eyes’, by keeping your visor as clear as possible, allowing you to see the track clearly, avoid any hazards and hit your turn in points to maximise your speed.
  • Use a rain cover for your kart: You use a rainsuit, so why can’t your kart have some protection also. A rain cover will help protect your kart from the elements while in the pits, or sitting on the grid waiting for your heat to start.
  • Bring a towel: Keep a towel in your bag to dry off your seat and steering wheel before you start your race. This will help you maintain a good grip and avoid slipping.
  • Keep your hands warm: Cold and wet hands can make it difficult to grip and steer, so make sure to wear gloves such as Sparco CRW winter kart gloves ( or Sparco Record WP Water resistant kart gloves (
    /sparco-record-wp-water-resistant-child-kart-gloves/) to keep your hands toasty.
  • Drink plenty of tea (other hot drinks are available!). It’s important to look after yourself by trying to stay warm, perhaps by drinking a hot drink or treating yourself to some warm food!

By following these tips and using the recommended gear from (, you’ll be able to enjoy go-karting in the UK during the winter without getting too wet. So, don’t let the rain stop you from having fun. Embrace the wet weather and enjoy the thrill of go-karting! Remember, safety is always first. Make sure that the track conditions are safe to race in and the equipment you’re using is well maintained before going out on the track. Have fun and stay dry!


Got all the gear and want to know how to drive quicker in the wet?  View this video below for some tips…

  • Karting Wet Lines Explained – by Pro Karting Coach Terence Dove – Click here to view (link will take you to YoutTube)

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