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Arai Helmet Size Chart

Measure your head to get an idea of the size to look for: measure (in cm) the circumference across the forehead, above the eyes and ears and over the small bump at the back of the head, read the size where the tape joins.

ARAI CK6 Helmet Sizes
XXS50 - 51 cm
XS52 - 53 cm
S54 - 56 cm
M57 - 58 cm
L59 cm
ARAI SK6 Helmet Sizes
XS53 - 54 cm
S55 - 56 cm
M57 - 58 cm
L59 - 60 cm
XL61 - 62 cm
XXL63 - 64 cm
XXXL65 - 66 cm

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Arai GP – 6S Helmet

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From £616.65 Excl. VAT

  • Large 10mm intake and exhaust holes for increased airflow (front vents are closeable)
  • New shield pivot hardware with redesigned track slider for improved aerodynamics
  • Wider eye port for increased peripheral vision
  • New positive shield locking mechanism provides solid shield latching while allowing normal operation
  • FHR M6 studs
  • Arai 6 Series 3mm thick visor (not interchangeable with GP-5)
  • Features NEW Snell 2015 Standard
  • Sizes: XS-XL

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