Club100 logoCLUB100 has brought powerful arrive-and-drive karting within reach of everyone and at the same time, has removed the “cheque-book element” of motorsport once and for all. Whichever of our two-stroke events you choose – Test Days, Sprint or Endurance – all the karts are prepared to an identical standard. Instead of the wealthiest drivers gaining an advantage through expensive preparation, everyone starts off equal. Special Offers at MK Racewear for all CLUB100 drivers available. Click Here to View their Website
BUKC(British University Karting Championship) LogoThe British Universities Karting Championship is the most exciting sporting events you are ever likely to participate in. Hundreds of students from all over the UK coming together from across the country to compete wheel-to-wheel in high-performance outdoor karts – the likes of which Jenson Button and Michael Schumacher spent years honing their skills on!  Special Offers at MK Racewear for all BUKC drivers available. Click Here to View their Website
BSKC (British Schools Karting Championship) logoThe British Schools Karting Championship (BSKC) is an arrive-and-drive UK-wide team-based karting championship for school and college students aged 13 to 18. It is a large knockout tournament open to students of all abilities and backgrounds!   Special Offers at MK Racewear for all   BSCK drivers available. Click Here to View their Website
Yearly national kart show held at a central venue, exhibiting the latest karts, equipment & racewear. Click Here to View their Website
STICK-NICK GraphicsThe Art of making vinyl graphics look as good as spray-painting is difficult but not impossible! Expert self-adhesive vinyl decoration is a very low-cost and viable alternative to spray painting! Click Here to View their Website

Arrive and Drive based karting championship around the UK – Click Here to View their Website